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Dr. David Stussy Vlog 1

Dr. Stussy Vlog 1 from BigBrain Concussion on Vimeo.

BigBrain Radio Show 1/23/16

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Hope that’s what every patient wants. I can’t tell you how many patients coming to See Us  that have been told there is no hope!!….nothing that can be done! When you look at the Brain as the final resting place for all the body actions or said another way all of our functions, and the brain has as many neurons as there are stars in the sky. You see the endless possibilities of our lives.It’s a matter of getting a big enough picture of your health problem. Finding the areas that work to restore those that don’t. Neurons in the brain respond in Nano-seconds to inspire the hope that springs eternal for human kind  

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Welcome to our BigBrain Blog/ concussion

Hello and Welcome to the BigBrain Blog,

Here at Kenwood Chiropractic Arts and Concussion Center we specialize in the evaluation and treatment of unresolved and undetected Concussions.

It is important to know that with concussions you can initially have headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting and disorientation. However, after these initial symptoms are gone, the concussion is not gone. It is  important to know that concussions do not just fix themselves.  If they are not truly resolved a lot of problems will show up. You lose your balance, your coordinated skills and lots of body functions get altered.  Concussions are a huge source of chronic pain. Concussions may cause many altered cognitive and emotional problems (depression, brain fog, memory issues, sleep difficulties, anxiety, mood swings, loss of motivation. These concussion problems can show up over a short or a long period of time. We’ve found much of this about concussions while treating top NHL hockey players.  They had many concussion complications that were not resolved until they came to Kenwood Concussion Center!  Lots of high school and college players have been able to return to sports, (girls and boys), after they came to the Kenwood Concussion Clinic for their concussion care.

People are surprised that many of our patients had been to the Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and other places where patients could not get resolution of their concussions. Using specialized tests of the spine, balance and visual system we are able to retrain the brain.  Most of these unresolved Concussions involved  a “sensory mismatch” or a disconnection of certain brain pathways not visible on MRI. Even concussions that you did not think hurt you …… You got hurt!  Come to Kenwood Chiropractic Arts and Concussion Center to receive a Courtesy Concussion Examination.