• I am significantly less mentally tired

    “I am significantly less mentally tired at the end of my days and feel great to come home after work and not have that dull pain headache and irritability. Not to mention physically feeling better with loosening up my back and the balance I am getting throughout my body with all the physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments. And perhaps most amazing to me is the fact that my anxiety is almost non existent which I never thought could happen.”

  • For the first time in 2 years

    “For the first time in 2 years I was able to site through my daughters all day volleyball tournament and a basketball game without my sunglasses or feeling like I was going to die when it was over!!! My vision is crisp and clear and my eyes are stable!”

  • Best care I’ve had in 22 years!

    “This chiropractic service is fabulous, and the treatments are the best I’ve had in over 22 years of chiropractic care. If you think these folks are “just another chiropractic clinic” you will be surprised. The functional neurology experience is different. And wonderful.”

  • Kenwood helped me get back on top!

    “This chiropractic service has helped me in more ways than one: Emotionally, physically, and spiritually….It has gotten me back on top of things. I feeling great again”

  • My pain is gone thanks to Kenwood!

    “I had received mediocre Chiropractic Care at another clinic after a 1999 accident. Dr Stussy and the team re-did some things and helped me lengthen my spine by 1 inch! The compressed spinal discs popped back with the comfortable space. Pain was gone. But Dr Stussy has been helping my Brain to work better – preparing me to live to be 100.”

  • Dr. Stussy changed my life!

    “When I started with Dr Stussy I was looking for something besides the Dr Solution for my pain and numbness….Dr Stussy was able to change my life so I could continue work and live life with much less pain. I also have Fibermyalgia and was only able to sleep for forty five minutes to an 1 ½ hrs without waking up from pain having to sleep in 3 to 4 different beds. Now I only wake up once or twice, it’s a miracle.”

  • Without Kenwood I wouldn’t be able to work!

    “I came to this chiropractic practice 9 ½ years ago when I had my first car accident. I came to them with severe spine problems and neck pain… Without them I wouldn’t be able to work and keep up with my busy life style. Doctors and staff are excellent. Thank you for my ‘Great Care’.”