Frequently Asked Questions

487180097The value of x-ray

Q. Why don’t all doctors take the full spine x-rays that you take? Those x-rays told me so much about myself, I could see all my old injuries and the amount of stress, pain, and wear and tear it was causing me, just like Doctor Stussy said they would. My husband’s an engineer, and he thought they were great and when Doctor Klotzek explained how it was connected to brain function, it all made sense to him, and that is not always easy with him.

A. Most doctors don’t receive the training necessary to read those special neurological-spinal stress x-rays that we do at our clinic. This allows us to acquire the amount of important information we need initially with the minimum amount of radiation. With all the accumulated stresses and traumas of life that we experience our spines compensate with a fixed imbalance or adapted alignment which causes excessive fatigue to our muscles and the nerves coming from the spine. If this fixed imbalance is not found and corrected many of our other efficient treatments will not work as well as they could and other joints of the human body, like shoulders, knees, feet, elbow and hips, will have chronic pain or just wear out. This is especially true for our brains as it has to constantly coordinate the movement of the spine and its too much our energy

Do you handle difficult injuries?

Q. For my motor vehicle injury I had already seen a chiropractor, a neurologist, and PT. Your doctors and staff have already explained my condition more clearly and helped me so much by your unique way of addressing and educating me about my injury and all the solutions that gave me hope. How were you able to acquire so much information and skills as a clinic?

A. Our three doctors, Doctor Stussy, Doctor Klotzek and Doctor Zena Stussy together have over 85 years of experience. In addition the doctors all have a number of advanced certifications and extended hours of training. Most of our staff have college degrees and have gone through intensive Big Brain Training so they can add to the information and care you get as a patient. Thank you so much for acknowledging our staff

Courtesy Brain/Energy Examination

Q. What is your Courtesy Brain/Energy Exam?

A. The Brain/Energy Examination allows us make certain that an individual’s condition qualifies for our type of care. This gives individuals a chance to talk to the doctors and/or staff, with no obligation, about the nature their health problem or problems, their concerns, what they’ve tried, what results they may have had or not had and what it is they would really like to have happen for the quality of their life. We see if we are able to help them. We confirm this decision with a short series of mini-exams to determine how their nervous system and especially how their brain is working. We say brain because it controls the cognitive and motor sensory skills and our organ functions; so in someway it is related to the majority of their symptoms. These tests are very short and quite enlightening for the patient and very informative for the doctors.

The Energy portion of the exam relates to their posture, muscle tone and how much energy they’re using just to maintain daily activities. Many people already live so that they just manage their energy to maintain their life or they have diminished the activities of their life to maintain their energy. This is important to know because both the quality of their brain functions and overall energy will determine how and what their recovery will require in terms of care and the length of time needed. Most patients decide to move forward after being clinically examined even if they were skeptical at first.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Q. Will my insurance cover my or my family’s care?

A. That is a good question! It really depends on the type of insurance you have or if you have been involved in a motor vehicle injury or work comp accident. Many of our patients have already been treated for these type injuries. They know that they need more care and many times they may still have coverage. Other individuals have sports or personal injuries and that will depend upon the circumstances. Even our professional athletes have different types of coverage. Most health insurance is designed to cover acute life altering situations or generalized care. In today’s market there are so many large deductibles, each insurance may need to be looked at individually.

Fortunately our staff is thoroughly trained in this process and often find coverage that has been overlooked.

Many of our patients pay cash because of our unique care and they feel it’s worth it. We several plans available to help individuals or families with these cash programs.

Acupuncture that is unique

Q. I have had treatment by a good number of different acupuncturists and the acupuncture that you did for me was as so unique and immediately beneficial. What is the type of acupuncture that you do that is this effective and seems to work so quickly?

A. Doctor Stussy and Dr. Zena Stussy have studied with a number of acupuncturists and practice “neurological integrated acupuncture”. Rather than look at acupuncture as a mysterious separate treatment, the doctors have integrated it with all their years of study of brain science, chiropractic and health.
Doctor Stussy was one of the first group of doctors certified to do acupuncture in Minnesota…..over 35 years ago.

What are the brain tones?

Q. A friend of mine told me that you use special tones or frequencies that the patient listens to that went specifically to one side of their brain and it was miraculous. It did sound incredible……. One said you helped her foot drop for which she had been told was permanent after a surgical mishap! Another friend said she stopped spinning and falling almost immediately after listening to these tones! What are these tones and how do I get them and is that all I need?

A. Doctor Stussy and Dr Klotzek have developed these frequencies over the last five years. They call them “Hemi-Tones” because they go to one half of the brain more intensely and hemi means half. These frequencies initiate neurological connections in certain parts of the brain more specifically. We initially use the tones to make sure certain nerve tracts are working for each individual patient as part of their initial exam. Using these tones with the functional neurology and special chiropractic systems they have been able to be more specific and accelerate recovery. They are not considered a stand-alone treatment and are often part of the unique “stuff that works” home care program.

Home Care

Q. What is this “stuff that works” Home Care I have heard so much about?

A. Doctor Stussy noticed very early his career that certain procedures he was learning had a high probability of working for everybody! (Over 90%). He also noticed that if he asked a patient to do a particular procedure at home, there was a much higher probability that they would do it at home if it didn’t take too long (1-6 minutes). He started to create the “stuff that works” Home Care Program.

“Stuff That Works” is a special at home program to optimize and accelerate your in-clinic program. It is not a stand-alone recovery plan…it works because of the brain based clinical care. This includes diet, nutrition, spinal exercise, special post concussion exercises, special muscle building exercises, intrinsic muscle exercises, muscle eye coordination exercises and many patient specific procedures.

Do You Treat Concussions?

Q. When I came into BigBrain Concussion we sat down and did a very detailed history and I was amazed. The doctors discovered that I had received several unresolved concussions that had been overlooked by other doctors
or minimized. That moment turned my life around! All the answers that I had been seeking for my often-ignored questions were now answered!
I’d always wondered why the doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong.
Why I had such complicated and painful symptoms?
Why drugs weren’t going to help my type of problems?
What it would take to get my health back?
Many more but most importantly you gave me Hope!

Why did you have answers when other doctors did not?

A. Doctor Stussy learned many years ago that many of the complicated problems patients had were a result of unresolved trauma like car accidents, sports injuries, falls, blows to the head etc. He also noticed that they had a common problem with their balance and many times they weren’t even aware of it. He developed a “General Systems” approach of care based on the spine and nervous system.

When Dr. Stussy heard Dr. Klotzek lecturing on functional neurology and the emerging science of the brain he immediately made the connection. Together Dr. Stussy and Dr. Klotzek , were able to use the science of the brain to help many people recover from these traumas. In the last several years Dr. Frederick Carrick, the developer of functional neurology, isolated the complications that come with concussions in a scientific way so that he was able to help certain professional athletes. One such athlete was Sidney Crosby, a professional hockey player who had been disabled for over a year from a concussion.
In several weeks he was able to have Mr. Crosby back on the ice again! Dr. Klotzek, who is a professor of functional Neurology, has studied with Prof. Carrick and is now one of the few people who can duplicate this unique concussion rehabilitation.

Once the many ramifications of these concussions were discovered, Dr. Klotzek and Dr. Stussy realized that many people are suffering from unresolved concussions and these concussions often result in many chronic and complicated symptoms and much functional loss. That is why we use this unique manner of evaluation on many on the complicated conditions that we see.

Dr. Stussy’s 40 years of experience clinical study and Dr. Klotzek’s 15 plus years of teaching to doctors of all kinds around the world has resulted in these unigue clinic.

Also see concussion section

What is Functional Neurology?

Q I heard that functional neurology has helped many people with headaches, chronic pain, balance, extremity functions, organ dysfunction, loss of movement, loss of cognitive functions, verbal skills, facial functions and more. Just what is functional neurology?

A Functional Neurology is a unique way of interpreting neurological alterations have no known pathological component. By combining the science of chiropractic and the science of neurology, they have been able to change the neurological disconnections or interferences with standard clinical physical interaction like simple spinal adjustments, sound, muscle movements, light, touch etc. Along with High tech applications and these modalities they have gotten results even with cognitive or psychiatric problems.

Please see the sections on Concussion, Balance, Headaches, Chronic Pain, ADHD/ Dyslexia, Motor Vehicle Accidents