Adult ADD & ADHD

ADD/ADHD are conditions that have gained much press over the years. The proportion of children ascribed a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD has to some extend reached epidemic proportions. As these children grow up we are also seeing a rapid expansion of adults afflicted with the same disorders. In essence main stream treatment has failed to address the underlying cause of this condition and thus has failed to offer individuals more than temporary relief and or ongoing management.   The causes associated with ADD/ADHD are not agreed upon by the general research community. Causes range from vaccine exposure to chemical exposure from the use of pesticides to gluten exposure. All this becomes extremely frustrating to people ascribed this type of diagnosis. The general premise has been that if we ascribe a cause to the condition then we can cure it. This is the furthest from the truth as the scientific community is learning that there no longer exists a silver bullet that causes ADD/ADH and as a result there will be no silver bullet treatment that cures it.

The latest scientific research appears to be focusing on the functional changes in the brain that lead to the behavioral issues seen with ADD/ADHD. What seems to be gaining traction and acceptance is that at a core ADD/ADHD results from a functional disconnect in the communication between different parts of the brain. This functional disconnect results in different areas of the brain not talking to each other the way they should. This results in the behavioral and cognitive processing impairments that plague these patients

Knowing the cause of the development of the functional disconnection in the brain will lead to eventual prevention but unfortunately today does not lead to any specific treatment as the damage to the brain has been done.

Today’s focus is to reduce the functional disconnection that is resulting from different parts of the brain not being able to talk to each other.   The treatments being developed utilize some core principles in how nerves in the brain work. Nerves in the brain respond very profoundly to stimulation. If a nerve is stimulated appropriately it will begin to express genes that code for the production of the building blocks necessary to make the nerve more stable, more connected and function in the way it was initially designed to do so. The form of stimulation can vary and can include visual, auditory and somatic through motor sensory cognitive therapy techniques.

The key to success in the ability of the brain to re-wire itself is the following:

Accurate Identification of the areas of the brain affected

Choosing the most appropriate form of stimulation and or choosing a combination of different types of stimulation

Repeating the stimulation and a rate and duration that induces nerves to express the genes that will reconnect them.

Active real time measurement as the brain reconnects. This is very important as when the brain changes so does its response stimulation. Most programs fail due to the neglect of this one principle.

In summary our treatment of ADD/ADHD incorporates the latest scientific information and the application of functional neurological techniques which is one of the fastest growing specialties in the chiropractic profession. We incorporate very specific testing and examination techniques that allow us to functionally measure and observe the areas of the brain disconnected. We take a brain based approach to address the changes in the brain seen with ADD/ADHD. From there we synthesize very individualized treatment plans as we understand that not any two individuals are the same and thus no two people should receive the same treatment. Our approach revolves around incorporating very specific brain based treatments coupled to treatments involved at restoring functional integrity of the body parts involved. We take a whole body and brain approach which we have found to be very effective. We measure changes on a daily basis and implement changes to treatment based on those findings. With our affiliation with the Carrick Institute and Dr. Carrick who has been pioneering treatment of ADD/ADHD for the past decade we offer our patients a very unique opportunity to find a solution to this very debilitating problem.