Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are a major health issue for many Americans. The treatments available to patients can be at times very confusing just as the process in reaching a diagnosis for the cause of ones headaches.   Accepted medical treatment for the most part revolves around pharmaceutical management. We say management because to date there is no known cure for the most common headache types. These include tension headaches and migraines. Stop taking the medication and the headaches return. Part of this problem lies in the poor understanding of the neurological process that produces head pain in the first place.

Pain itself can be basically generated two ways in our bodies:

The first and the most obvious is the activation of specific nerves in our bodies that transmit pain to the brain. These are nerves that can be activated by primarily inflammation and excessive mechanical stress.

The second and not so obvious is the breakdown in the ability of the brain to modulate and stop the pain signals before they reach the brain for perception. You may not realize this but every pain nerve in your body is constantly active. We don’t feel them because our brains block the signals. This blocking occurs in to main areas: Our spinal cords and our brainstems.

Thus when one experiences head pain two things must occur: Either the pain nerves from the structures in the head must be activating more or the areas of the brain that would normally block those signals are not working.

One of the major contributors to the production of headaches is the neck. It is not known to most people but the pain nerves that originate from the head descend into the neck where they intermingle with pain nerves originating from structures in the neck. Often times we see neck problems triggering headaches from the simple fact of this intermingling phenomena.

Our treatment of headaches incorporates the latest scientific information and the application of functional neurological techniques which is one of the fastest growing specialties in the chiropractic profession. We incorporate very specific testing and examination techniques that allow us to functionally measure and observe the areas involved in producing the headaches. From there we synthesize very individualized treatment plans as we understand that not any two individuals are the same and thus no two people should receive the same treatment. Our treatments revolve around incorporating very specific brain based exercises coupled to postural restoration techniques to correct for the underlying cause. We measure changes on a daily basis and implement changes to treatment based on those findings. With our affiliation with the Carrick Institute and Dr. Carrick who has been pioneering treatment of headaches for the past decade we offer our patients a very unique opportunity to find a solution to this very debilitating problem.